Make Passive Revenue in 2022 With Decentralized Finance, or DeFi 3.0 Tokens

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Make Passive Revenue in 2022 With Decentralized Finance, or DeFi 3.0 Tokens

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Decentralized finance, or DeFi, has introduced many people to the concept of yield farming. Everyone wants to put their existing crypto holdings to work for additional revenue. That may finally happen with DeFi 3.0, and the following tokens all try to claim their spot in that ever-evolving landscape.

Empire Capital Token (ECC)

The purpose of Empire Capital Token is to usher in the era of DeFi 3.0 to help users earn a yield on crypto-assets by holding one asset capable of benefiting from staking and farming rewards. Moreover, the $ECC token is subject to periodic buybacks initiated by the Empire Capital Token fund. Every $ECC represents a share in profits of Empire Capital. These profits will be invested in yield farmings, auto-compounding vaults, yield aggregators, and other solutions providing passive revenue to users.

Cross Chain Capital (CCC)

Similar to Empire Capital, Cross Chain Capital wants to tackle the DeFi 3.0 space head-on. The token represents a share of a pooled investment fund trading in liquid assets and uses complex portfolio construction and risk management to continuously improve performance. Token holders receive passive reflections from transactions fees and $CCC investment strategies generating sustainable buybacks and liquidity.

RealFinance Network (REFI)

Several aspects of RealFinance Network can be appealing to those seeking out DeFi 3.0 tokens and the passive revenue they generate. There is a lot to choose from, ranging from monthly buybacks to using $REFI as a means of payment and farming/staking solutions for crypto rewards. Additionally, the ecosystem includes NT support, ads and surveys, games, and more. It is an ambitious project that can prove viable in the long run.

Multiverse Capital (MVC)

The primary appeal of Multiverse Capital and the $MVC token is the multichain farming it provides as part of its DeFi 3.0 initiative. Moreover, the team claims they achieve record multi-chain farming profit, complementing the deflationary burning mechanism and capital flows into the farming fund. Every $MVC is a share in the profits, which can be reinvested across different chains to farm yield and benefit from auto-compounding vaults. Farming rewards will fuel token buybacks. Users will also benefit from auto-staking and compounding, providing a hands-off approach.

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