How to Make Money In 2022 Using Games and Blockchains

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How to Create and Monetize a Blockchain Game

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There are so new made millionaires in these early digital coin and blockchain universe.  People are naturally asking how they can get a sample of the pie.  One way that gamers can cash in on is creating games on blockchains.  This is proving to be very fruitful for many people, especially early adaptors.

Popular gambling blockchain platforms process millions of dollars of transactions every day. Up to 15% of platform earnings goes to developers of decentralized games.

Application creation

There are projects in the decentralized application market that help developers create and promote blockchain games, such as the FunFair gambling platform and the P2P betting platform. FunFair, it’s a service that offers unique tools and helps developers at the start. The thing is that gambling site managers also choose games that are hosted on the platform by third-party developers. It works like an app store but for BTC casino owners and FunFair help in hosting your application.

The other example is, which plans to launch a marketplace with content for blockchain games: images, skins, and sounds. In addition, will post examples of smart contracts for gambling applications. Such a service will be very useful for those who want to create their first blockchain game.

Writing smart contracts is the hardest part of development. Smart contracts carry out settlements between players and bitcoin gambling sites. Games with bugs in smart contracts become targets for hackers. So, in 2018, a user of the EOSBet gambling application took advantage of the vulnerability of the game’s smart contract and stole $ 200,000.

To create applications by yourself, you have to have knowledge of JavaScript and the basics of C ++. If you don’t, better to order development from a third party. Instructions for working and writing code are publicly available on YouTube and GitHub.

The game is ready, how to make money on it?

Application development is the first and easiest stage, the next step is finding clients. You can get an audience in two ways: put the game on the Internet or negotiate with an existing bitcoin gambling site. In the first case, the developer will have to independently promote the application and look for players, which is very expensive and requires huge investments from the beginning. A large initial attachment will significantly complicate the process of starting your company, especially if this is your first project.

In the second case, the creator of the game will get access to the customer base but will have to pay for the services of intermediaries. And at this stage, you’ll have also two options, try to contact the casino directly, or make a deal through intermediaries who will also take their own percentage. We would recommend trying to go directly to the managers of gambling sites, and if nothing comes of it, only then sign a contract to intermediaries. But whichever way you ultimately choose, the process of cooperation is the same.

  • The game is hosted on a bitcoin gambling site;
  • The smart contract automatically calculates the percentage of developers’ remuneration for each transaction;
  • Once a month, the smart contract sends a share of the proceeds to the developers’ address;
  • The size of the remuneration is set by the developers: it’s prescribed in a smart contract when creating a game.

The game developers receive a percentage of the proceeds from each game transaction, this process happens automatically. The bitcoin casino managers cannot interfere with the calculation and payment of rewards.

Developer cheat sheet

The development of blockchain games is practically similar to the creation of conventional gambling applications. The difference is that blockchain games need a smart contract. This is the “engine” that determines how the game works and the financial logic of the game.

There are several rules that you have to follow if you want to create a profitable blockchain game:

  • Think in advance about the possible actions of the user and the reaction to them (game usability);
  • Study the logic of smart contracts. Errors in smart contracts can lead to hacking or theft of users’ money;
  • Hire a professional team to test the game before release.

Don’t overestimate the percentage of reward – this way there are more chances to get an agreement with owners of bitcoin gambling sites. We advise taking no more than 10% of the revenue of the game.

Blockchain games future

The Internet brought more profit to gambling spear and opened access to new markets. Players were able to place bets without leaving their homes. On the other hand, online there are more scammers and more ways to make unfair earnings.

Blockchain technology is a solution to the problem of trust for online gambling sites and bookmakers. The player can check the honesty of the casino, and the site operators can provide mathematically irrefutable evidence of good faith. Thanks to cryptocurrency payments everybody is sure in the safest of transfer and in low fees.

So far, there are many projects on the market that accept cryptocurrency deposits, but that which use old technologies for playing games and accounting for bets. This half-measure gives an opportunity to lure the audience on your side. But only blockchain games can provide the most important advantages: protection against fraud and transparency. The future belongs to real blockchain casinos and blockchain games.

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