Play-To-Earn, Move-To-Earn, And Share-To-Earn Gaming Revolution In a Decentralized Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace – More Than 50 Blockchain-Based Games So Far

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Play-To-Earn, Move-To-Earn, And Share-To-Earn Gaming Revolution In a Decentralized Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace – More Than 50 Blockchain-Based Games So Far.

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“Our mission is to liberate game asset ownership and connect blockchain games to traditional players. By providing a game-oriented NFT marketplace, players are able to trade and discover the value of their hard work and accomplishments,” said Justine Lu, CEO and co-founder of Lootex. 

Cross-chain NFT trading platform looking to connect blockchain games and traditional players.

Decentralized multi-chain NFT marketplace Lootex is on track to become the ultimate one-stop shop in the metaverse, where players can purchase avatars, rare weapons, virtual land, and even pets or monsters for their favorite NFT games.

Lootex, a GameFi platform to purchase NFTs and in-game assets across multiple blockchains, is proud to announce their seed round of funding has officially closed. Lootex raised US$9 million from a number of venture capital firms and strategic partners.

The platform has taken a big step towards realizing this vision, raising a $9 million round of funding led by industry titans including Spartan Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, LD Capital and Akatsuki. The round also saw the participation of SweeperDAO, YGG SEA, Polygon Studio, HTC, Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Avocado Guild, Cherubic Ventures, Palm Drive Capital, Evernew Capital, Morningstar Ventures, NGC Ventures, Petrock Capital, Panony, Yolo Investments, Kosmos Ventures and more. From PKO Investments syndicate, Twitch’s co-founder, Kevin Lin, Kabam’s co-founder, Holly Liu, Patrick Lee, Co-founder of Rotten Tomatoes, and Kun Gao, Co-founder of  Crunchyroll also all participated in the round.

Investors said they participated in the round because they believe in Lootex’s potential to make a meaningful impact in both the GameFi and NFT ecosystems.

“It is very important to activate the NFT marketplace for GameFi in order for NFT gamers to have ownership and move autonomously. We believe Lootex will contribute to the expansion of the GameFi ecosystem,” said Yuji Kumagai, Director of Akatsuki Inc.

“IVC is thrilled to support Lootex’s vision and mission to create a transparent and decentralized NFT marketplace – a pioneering step towards facilitating people’s virtual assets,” said Brian Lu, Founding Partner at Infinity Ventures Crypto.

Dan Wang, Head of Investments at YGG SEA, sees Lootex’s marketplace as an important platform for the guild’s gamers. “YGG SEA’s top priority is our scholars. We make all decisions that, we believe, are in the best interests of the everyday gamers who want to get involved in the P2E space.  Lootex’s platform contains comprehensive information, statistics, and reviews on in-game items and NFTs that present a unique advantage for our scholars,” Wang said.

These partnerships, as well as several others in the works, will allow Lootex to further develop its cross-chain NFT trading platform as it looks to build the ultimate gamer-centric marketplace, where players can easily trade in-game assets across multiple blockchains. Lootex’s marketplace currently features over 12,000 NFTs, spread out among over 500 collections. Its easy-to-use interface allows gamers to browse and purchase what they need, and even monetize their skills, without any technical knowledge necessary.

As the metaverse becomes more a part of our everyday reality, Lootex is positioning itself at the forefront of the play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and share-to-earn gaming revolution. It’s already built up an active and enthusiastic community of more than 80,000 monthly active users, and in November Lootex announced monthly sales volume exceeding $2 million. Lootex has partnered with more than 50 blockchain-based games so far, including RPS League, Block Monster, Dungeon Swap, and Olympus Royale.

About Lootex

Founded by game development and blockchain industry veterans David Tseng and Justine Lu, Lootex’s mission is to build the premier gamer-centric game asset marketplace for the metaverse, creating the next generation of blockchain-based digital collectibles. On the Lootex marketplace, players can browse and trade items across multiple blockchains including ETH, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, and AVAX.

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