2022 Metaverse Projects with High Potential Based on Their 2021 ROI

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2022 Metaverse Projects with High Potential Based on Their 2021 ROI

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Metaverse projects aren’t going anywhere and we will likely see high investments in them going strong in 2022.  Many people feel that the 2021 top ROI investments will likely be the big winners well into the next year. In this article we will  cover some of them.

Numerous projects recently conducted an IDO and have now seen their ROI explode. Although they have all retraced from their all-time high return on investment, things are still looking pretty good.

Bloktopia (BLOK)

The Bloktopia project noted strong support from its partners, including X21 and Animoca Brands. Moreover, it is one of the projects conducting an IDO across multiple platforms to maximize its exposure. The sale across TrustPad, Seedfy, and Red Kite award a current market cap of over $520 million. That is a 249x ROI today, even though the all-time high ROI was nearly 700x. Returning to that value will be challenging but remains possible.

Fancy Games (FNC)

Although the Fancy Games metaverse project may fly under the radar, it provides investors with a healthy ROI today at 180x. Despite that return, the project’s market cap is just $35.2 million. The team raised funds through the Impossible launchpad and has Merit Circle and Yield Guild among its partners.

Victoria VR (VR)

Even though virtual reality has not proven overly successful yet, Victoria VR is a potent metaverse project. It attracts interest from investors and partners, including WorldMachine and Altered Ventures. Currently valued at over $318 million, the VR IDO offers 160x ROI. A small retrace from the ATH of 213x, but that is to be expected when crypto markets become bearish.

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

Although many people talk actively about My Neighbor Alice, it has proven to be a worthwhile IDO for early investors. The all-time high of 318x is well behind us, yet the current 122x is more than respectable. Moreover, the project maintains a market cap of over $470 million and counts Asymm Ventures and Chomeway among its partners. It is one of three successful DAO Maker IDOs related to Metaverse projects on this list, along with Victoria VR and DeRace.

DeRace (DERC)

There appears to be a substantial market for metaverse racing ventures. DeRace, currently valued at over $125 million, is one of those projects worth keeping an eye on. Its partners include DAO Maker and Animoca Brands. Moreover, the current IDO ROI is still at 86x, despite hitting nearly twice that at the peak. It is another example of a successful metaverse DAO on the DAO Maker platform in recent months.

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