Trademark Filing Leads To Speculation That Beverly Hills Is Bringing Rodeo Drive To The Metaverse For a Pretty Women Shopping Experience

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Famous for high-end shopping and being the home to celebrities in the U.S., one city could have plans to grow its presence in the metaverse soon.

What Happened: The city of Beverly Hills recently filed trademark applications for its name in several areas, as reported by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis.

The trademark filings cover areas such as NFTs, digital collectibles and assets, and crypto collectibles. The trademark also covers virtual footwear, clothing, headwear, eyewear, bags and backpacks, which could signal the city wanting to bring its popular Rodeo Drive and other shopping areas into the metaverse.

Another area covered in the trademark filing is the naming of metaverse experiences, virtual concerts and virtual events.

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Why It’s Important: Beverly Hills joins the growing rank of cities and countries that have filed trademark applications for NFT, cryptocurrency and metaverse-related activities.

While the trademark filings could be just protection from others using the name in areas, it could also signal a full intent to bring new revenue and tourism opportunities to one of the most famous cities in America.

The city could soon host virtual events and offer virtual shopping coming soon to a metaverse near you.


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