Acorn Gives First-Time Investors Access To Bitcoin As Well As Compounding, Diversification, and Long-Term Investing.

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First-time investors can now invest in Bitcoin as well as the traditional compounding, diversification, and long-term investing.

Saving and investing app Acorns announced an option Tuesday for customers to further diversify their portfolio in emerging market opportunities like Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC).

In a statement to Benzinga, Acorns CIO Seth Wunder said the company’s philosophy is rooted in time-tested principles of compounding, long-term investing and diversification.

“To keep growing, we look for new ways to lean into these principles. Exposure to Bitcoin can help further diversify our customers’ portfolios for the long-term.”

More than 60% of Acorns customers are first-time investors. To reinforce responsible investing over long periods of time, Acorns offers users what it calls a “Bitcoin manifesto,” an educational experience.

Additionally, crypto investments are limited to 5% of portfolios.

“We believe in opening access to invest the right way, responsibly for the long term. This is not trading; we’re offering the option for the crypto curious to add up to 5% Bitcoin exposure into a well-balanced, diversified portfolio. Adding a small allocation of Bitcoin exposure to a diversified portfolio is the perfect way to introduce more people to the asset class.”

Alternatively, Acorns is offering optional Bitcoin exposure via ProShares’ BITO ETF (NYSE:BITO), the first U.S. Bitcoin-linked ETF.

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